Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Skeleton Command group

I managed to finish off a few more minis from the 80s lead pile today. Here are three skeletons that I bought to start off an undead army. My friend Colin actually painted the first two for me, but wear and tear over the years had caused a few chips and a bit of fading. I refreshed the paint job to get them looking a little less worn, then varnished and based them.

This one I designated as the general or leader of teh undead warband...

This one is the banner bearer..

Finally, here is what I designated the champion. It was originally painted as a sea-pirate, but I painted over the blue theme (which didn't fit in with the other two) with the black and red scheme...

Unfortunately, this is as far as I got with my undead army. I had a quick look on the Mirliton site today to see what else was out there Old Skool style, and saw that they did some fairly good minis that should fit in with these. I will probably pick up a few to make up that small warband of undead afterall, and perhaps a few more to make some HotT bases to bulk out any armies that are not quite up to size - I'll have to grab a necromancer of some sort too to 'lead' them.


  1. Oh heck yeah! Some delicious old school fun there eh?! I love those old undead models.

  2. I used to have these figures...sniff. Still appear on ebay but at quite a price.

  3. Thanks for the comments chaps.

    I like the old school stuff too. I still have a few dozen left to paint, and will be trying to add a few extras to my collection from EBay and Mirliton and the like just to complete a few armies or units. Next up will then be my more modern (i.e. post 1990s) figures like GW's Lord of the Rings range.

    I have no real aim for most of the miniatures at the moment, I just want to get them painted and ready for use - many have been sitting in boxes and drawers for decades awaiting the touch of my brushes. I am hoping to start playing some tabletop battles soon though, just as soon as I have a couple of armies big enough to oppose one another.