Thursday, 14 February 2013

300th Post!

I noticed when I posted my last Dragon Warriors game write-up that I had nearly hit the 300th post mark. This is truly amazing. I really did not expect to get to so many posts and so many views either (44,000+). I would like to send out a big thank you to all my readers and the 37 subscribers who give me the feedback that encourages me to keep posting.

The nature of the blog has changed over the years; from being primarily a repository for my painting efforts to becoming a place for me to write up the RPG adventures I am currently involved in. I am still painting miniatures, albeit slowly, so there will be more posts on those in the near future. Also, I am hoping to start playing more tabletop battles, so they will also make an appearnce this year I hope.

I think our niche hobby is something that attracts the ephemeral. The multitude of gaming manufacturers and the very idea that history is virtually limitless in its depth and wonder allows us to game whatever period we wish; and that is before we start on all those wonderful fantasy and sci-fi worlds out there and in our imaginations. As a result we all 'get into' a new period or game very quickly, play it for a few months, and then at a time we are just getting set in our ways a new 'shiny' game or period wafts our way.

Our friends are usually the catalysts in us moving from period to period and game to game, but none of us complain about the time, effort and money that the last project cost us and what the next one will, we just get on with it with full gusto as if it is the only thing in our lives that matters. Does this make us single-minded, bloody-minded or something else entirely? I don't know, I just think we like to enjoy ourselves and experience new things. We are all still kids at heart, even though many of us are parents ourselves.

Anyway, enough of my rambling on. This was really just a short post to celebrate a couple of small milestones and to thank each and every one of my readers for sticking by me in my random little corner of the webiverse.


  1. Thanks adeptgamer. Whilst I still have figures to paint and games to play, I will try to update at least once a week.
    Little Odo