Monday, 21 January 2013

Hordes of the Things - GW Goblin Archers

I have finally, I think, finished a 24AP Orc and Goblin army for use with Hordes of the Things. It has only taken about two years to get to this point after starting the project! I would like to add some kind of Magician base and a Hero-type base to the total, but it is usable as an army as of now.

Base 1 - Goblin Archers...

Base 2 - Goblin Archers...
Base 3 - Goblin Archers...
Unfortunately they are huge compared to the old school metal minis I have been using for the rest of the army, but I am not going to let that worry me - the army is going to be a conglomeration of orcs and goblins from a great variety of tribes and races. Anyway, the army now consists of the following units/bases...
3 bases Harboth's Black Mountain Boys (Blades x3)  = 6AP
3 bases GW Goblin Archers (Shooters x3)                  = 6AP
2 bases GW Goblins (Spear x2)                                   = 4AP
2 bases Goblin Tusker Riders (Riders x2)                    = 4AP
1 base Trolls (Behemoth x1)                                        = 4AP
1 base Lesser Goblins (Horde x1)                                = 1AP
Total                                                                             = 25AP
I also have a box of GW Night Goblins to glue and paint up. These will provide as many Warbands as I can get from the box alongside some old Citadel Night Goblins I can add into the mix. I also have a Heroes of the Dark Ages Orc Shaman that will double up as my magician. I need to just buy some bats to go on that base to make it look good, some more small gobbos to use as Hordes, and maybe I need some sort of Orc Warboss on some kind of giant hog or the like to be the Hero and/or General stand. These should go well against my Barbarian army. Let's hope I can get a few games in with these soon.
Here is something else I started working on over the weekend. Not sure how my finger got in the way on this shot, what with my camera being a digital SLR and all, but there you go...
I thought I would get started on some more of my Lord of the Rings stuff. I already have a big bunch of Riders and Warriors of Rohan painted up, so they need someone to fight. I decided to put together a box of Easterlings with metal command to give 22 warriors, a banner bearer and a captain. Rohan will need a couple of captains to round out the force before use, and this bunch of Easterlings will require some mounted support. I have Kamul and eleven Kataphracts (5 metal, 6 plastic) to add to this force. I have tons of orcs and Warg Riders too, to make up numbers if necessary.

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