Sunday, 15 January 2012

Shadow and Flame

This is an old Citadel Greater Demon or something similar. I don't think they could use the term Balrog as it may have been copyrighted by Tolkien Ents. The Advanced D&D Monster Manual had them down as Type VI demons if I recall, and there were only ever six of them. I have painted him/it (?) as a red and black skinned demon with a fiery coloured fur coat. I tried to get a flame effect but was unable to, so settled on it being fur. From a distance the paint job looks pretty good but up close it is very messy - the camera has taken no prisoners on this one!

Anyway, here is a front view, showing the dealy array of weapons at his disposal; sword, whip and teeth.

And, here he is from the rear.

I also did well with getting the Splintered Lands minis a bit closer to completion; hopefully they will be finished by next weekend. I also sorted out the Arthurian archers in readiness for a bit of paint so I can take them down to Dunc's at the end of this month (weather permitting).

This week also saw me reading a lot of blogs about D&D. I am ready to start playing again, but I have since found out the D&D side of the hobby has split into a variety of factions: OD&D, OSR, 3E, 4E and soon to come 5E on the official side, as well as Pathfinder, Hackmaster, Castles and Crusades and so on. This has left me feeling rather confused, as I am not really sure what any of them are or what the acronyms mean. I guess I'll stick to what I know, unless any of you guys out there can help me out with what is what.

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