Saturday, 9 July 2011

Songs of Blades and Heroes

Last week I sent off for a couple of the rule books for Songs of Blades and Heroes by Ganesha Games. I have been tempted by them for several months now, and finally got round to picking them up. They need to be ordered from Lulu (the book order company, not the sultry Scottish singer) and delivery times are amazingly quick - 3 days from ordering to receiving them, even though they are printed to order!

The core rules are Songs of Blades and Heroes. These allow for skirmish games to be played with small warbands of between around half a dozen to around twenty or so miniatures. They are aimed at 15mm but can be adapted to any scale. I will be using them as 15mm rules to begin with and then maybe move on from there. I will be using them for fantasy games as they are aimed at that genre.

The second rulebook I ordered was for Songs of the Splintered Lands. These rules complement the range of 15mm fantasy figures by Splintered Light Miniatures. These were what actually caught my eye in the first place on a few blogs, but especially on Dunc's Persistent Tangent. They reminded me a lot of the Redwall children's cartoon which Alex used to watch when he was a nipper. I'll have to see if I can pick them up again on DVD soon as my youngest is now of an age when he will be able to appreciate them.

I will be ordering up some miniatures for this game very soon (courtesy of Dunc!) and getting to grips with the rules as soon as they arrive. Seeing as they are 15mm, the game can be played on a 60cm x 60cm board. I have three or four of these which can be used, and they fit nicely on my dining room table (when my paints etc aren't on there).


  1. Is this your way of telling us all you've joined the furry community?

  2. If you are interested to Ganesha Games and you own a lot of Romans, take a look to this one:

  3. Look forward to hearing how you get on. I like the compact nature of 15mm SBH, but I reckon most of my potential opponents will only play 28mm. Splintered Light figures are lovely. I'm working hard to ignore their sale (and the favourable exchange rate!)