Saturday, 9 July 2011

Eastern Roman Empire Auxiliary Spearmen

These have been on the paint station for a long time now, but have finally been finished today. These are Warlord Games miniatures, and I have to say I really like these (so much I bought to large units of them to complement my century of their plastic Legionaries). Legionaries were usually accompanied by just as many auxiliaries into battle, so my current army now consists of a goodly amount of Roman troops...

1 full strength Century of Legionaries (80 troops plus 5 command)
1 unit of Eastern Auxiliary Spearmen (24 troops plus 3 command)
1 unit of Eastern Auxiliary Archers (16 troops)
1 unit of Western Auxiliary Spearmen (24 troops plus 3 command)
1 unit of Western Auxiliary Archers (16 troops)
1 unit of Roman Cavalry (7 troops plus 3 command)

Not a bad little army so far, but I still the high command, some artillery, more cavalry and some slingers to come. I will also make a small baggage train for them as well as a couple of small units of camel riders and elephants too. Problem is I only have a few dozen Celts to throw at them! That will have to change.

Anyway, here are some shots of the newly finished Eastern Empire Auxiliary Spearmen...

And finally the command group. I don't really know what to put onto the vexillatio, so I left it blank in case inspiration grabs me soe time in the future.

So, what is next up? I was going to paint the 36 Warriors of Rohan that are in my LotR box, but I did a bit of tidying up today and found some old Citadel Lesser Goblins and some Nick Lund Kobolds. Decisions, decisions.

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