Saturday 12 March 2011

Goblin Tusker Riders

These minis are some old Citadel Goblin Tusker Riders. I have painted one up for RPG and the rest for a couple of HotT bases. Whilst trying to complete my Brytenwalda armies, I thought I'd do a bit more work on one of my part completed HotT armies. My barbarian army is completed, but my dwarfs and orcs/goblins still need some work. As I have the minis to complete the orcs/goblins, I thought I'd hit some of those first.

First up is the one I am going to use for fantasy RPG - a goblin riding an old silver mane. The colour scheme for my orcs/goblins is not the usual 'greenskin' one. I wanted to move away from the Games Workshop standard and create my own, albeit probably not really original, scheme. So far, the colour scheme gets lighter as the beasties get smaller...

Trolls, ogres etc - brown
Orcs - Tanned Flesh
Goblins - Elf Flesh
Night Goblins - Rotting Flesh
Svarts - not decided but some kind of white/blue or white/green shade

The second picture is of two stands of either riders or cavalry for HotT. I have decided that these minis will represent (like the one above) Night Goblins. They were a doddle to paint, being only three colours plus wash. The tuskers took a lot more work in comparison.

Here's a picture of all five riders together.

Finally, here's a photo of the battle scene from last week, taken from a slightly different angle. I find it very Tolkienesque in that goblin beast riders take on some horselords with a bit of magical backup. The Battle of Druid's Hill is a battle that still needs to be fought - I wonder what the outcaome will be?

Coming next:
I have a strange chaos riding horse/beast that I have almost completed
Hopefully I can finish the last of the Brytenwalda foot unit for Alex
I may make a start on those Runequest Broo - some for fantasy RPG, some to make up a mercenary base for HotT


  1. Very nice indeed.

    I have heard much debate on the colour of goblins, from those who argue that creatures that live in the complete darkness of caves should have almost no pigment to those that argue that since the main predator to threaten goblins is the human adventurer, natural selection would favour dark skins to make them less visible. The name Svart though would suggest they are black or dark blue, unless you consider their name to describe their hearts or temperament rather than their skins.

  2. Thanks for the comments Arlo.

    I have gone down the first route you suggested above; due to living in dark caverns and generally only coming out at night, skin pigmentation gradually disappears through natural selection making the more cowardly and less tough stay away from the light. That said, I do like the idea that natural selection could also be based on their main nemesis: the adventurer.

    With regards svarts, you guessed the true meaning - it is because they have the blackest hearts of all goblin kind. The smaller goblins get, the more bitter and twisted they become. Good job really, because if the same intelligence and malice were shown in trolls and ogres the human and other demi-human populations would be in grave danger!

  3. One has to admit, `classic` Citadel has a certain appeal to them, more then the plastic on steroids of the current range.

  4. Hi Tomsche,
    I too prefer the old skool look to the new steroid induced one. I just wish that I had bought more of the old Citadel stuff when I was younger - unfortunately, with youth comes poverty of riches and with adulthood comes poverty of time. When I have finished my lead backlog I may hit EBay for some to fill in holes in the collection.
    Little Odo