Saturday, 22 January 2011

Updates and stuff

As I haven't got any miniatures completed over the last week or so, I have decided to put a few thoughts etc down on paper, so to speak.

I am hoping to finish off those Arthurian figures sometime in the next couple of weeks (hopefully by the end of the month) and I have also nearly finished some fantasy RPG ones. I am hoping to get those finished this weekend and get pictures up tomorrow if possible.

Like most gamers, I often wonder how much I spend on my hobby but rarely take stock of what I have bought. I have started a tally of my purchases in a side bar just to see how indebted to the credit card company I have become. So far my purchases have been:
LBMS stickers for those Arthurians and some Normans I have kicking around
Glue and paints - always needed, always running out
Airfix figures - Hobbycraft had some boxes of 1/72nd Airfix minis on special offer of £1.49 per box. I bought 6 boxes of Ancient Britons and 4 boxes of Romans. Hopefully enough to build some HotT armies in the future. I bought them because I haven't owned any 1/72nd soft plastics in years and wanted to experiment a bit with them. At those prices, I think I got a pretty good deal
Doggerland will continue on this year. Things are hotting up. I will start to put links up to my PBM website soon, but I did a code rehash a little while ago and completely knackered it. I will spend some time sorting that out and then try to get Doggerland up on there so the players have a ready-reckoner always at hand. I will also try to get those 15mm minis I bought painted and based up in readiness too - as HotT armies.

So, once again, loads of projects, not very much time. One day I will complete something and actually get some table-top gaming done!

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