Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Riders of Rohan II

Here's the third unit of Riders. Again, different coloured horses but all painted the same way as the last lot (except I didn't highlight their helmet ornamentation this time round for a bit of a difference).

And here is the fourth and final unit, so far, of Riders of Rohan. This brings the total of finished Riders to 24. Enough for a decently sized strike force when I get a few leaders and heroes thrown in, although I may get some Warriors of Rohan painted up first.

Here's a quick shot of the two new units together ...

And a shot from the proverbial bird's eye ...

I have managed to get each Rider a different shield each time and have used both poses of the horses (I don't like the third and fourth poses offered when the horse halves are swapped, so I will stick to just the two poses). I will be aiming to get another two more sets (12 Riders) so that I can have each Rider with each of the 6 different shields on the two poses of horse, with each unit having a different coloured horse. After this, I may pick up a couple more boxes to use for conversions to add a bit more variety - I will then be able to field a huge SBG force to go against the Isengard one of the chap down at GW, or a decently sized cavalry based WotR force. I think a trip to EBay or one of the second hand dealers on the web/at conventions will be on the cards soon.


  1. Very nice Odo! I have always like the LOTR miniatures and I think you've done a great job on these!

  2. Thanks Adeptgamer. It was just a simple block painting exercise with a brown wash and matt varnish to finish. When I get onto leaders and elites I will try to put more effort into it and go for three-stage shading, and then a more blending style approach with the heroes. Next up for LotR Rohan should be 36 Warriors, but there are plenty of other Rohan troops still to come.