Sunday, 31 January 2010

Not Happy, Sleepy or even Sneezy

I managed to finish off that stand of Dwarf blades this week. The two at the back are 1980s Citadel, as are the ones left and right but I have no idea what make the one in the middle is. It is just a Dwarf holding a shield - no weapons ready. To spruce him up a bit I grabbed one of Alex's WH40K stickers but had a bit of an accident putting it on. However, I think the damage to the sticker gives it a bit of character.

I also put a bit more paint on some Warlord Roman Auxiliary archers and a bit more onto another statue, albeit a fallen one this time. Either of these should be ready for next week's blog entry.


  1. Hi, just dropped in on your wonderful blog. I have not seen some of these minis for decades so it's a real treat, and inspirational too. Your mystery dwarf is from Asgard miniatures I think, later produced by Tabletop miniatures.

  2. Hello Springinsfeld,

    Thank you for your kind comments. I think your explanation of that dwarf is bang on actually as I made a purchase from Tabletop Miniatures many moons ago and I am pretty sure that was in with the rest of the Asgard minis I bought. Thanks for the details.

    Little Odo