Sunday, 10 May 2009

More Romans

OK, I have managed to get used to the camera a bit more, with the close-ups coming closer but the focus is still a bit out. This is due to me wobbling whilst the slower shutter speed allows the closer focus. Guess I'll need a tripod to resolve that issue.

The picture below is of the third contubernium plus a cornicen to sound out their orders. This unit is different in that it is the first lot of legionaries armed with a pilum. This photo allows a better view of how I have painted their tunics; I decided to paint the legionaries' tunics with a neutral raw woollen colour as opposed to the standard "Hollywood" red. I can't imagine the Roman army paying out extra to dye the tunics, especially as red always fades to pink when weathered - not a colour to strike fear into the hearts of their enemies. I have however made a concession and painted the officers'/command group's tunics red - they could afford to spend more on their kit. The decanus of each contubernium has the same colour tunic as the other legionaries, but with the addition of a red stripe (and his shield has a bronze rim as opposed to the steel rim) to make him stand out .

To keep this site up-to-date with all the finished Roman minis, here are the completed ones in all their glory.

Next up I have decided to go back to work on my fantasy figures. I have a "nice" monster to paint that will strike the fear of the gods into any who face him/it. It is an old Citadel mini from the same period as the townsfolk I have shown previously.

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