Monday, 6 August 2018

Ravenloft XI

Groundhog Day (18th July 2018)

The Dragon-Ogre (Day 14 – the Void)

The water genie, Candice, tagged along with us but did not get involved in any of the encounters with those phantasmagorical beasts. We carried on regardless to the final platform and although a few of us got lost on occasion, we always managed to make our way back to the rest of the party.

We finally reached the centre of our part of the Void and was instantly approached by a very large half-dragon, half-cyclops type creature that emanated cold from every pore. Grumbold tried to negotiate with the beast for the return of the rod but the beast would have nothing to do with it. Combat ensued but our fighters (Millie and Grumbold) had a tough time keeping their feet and striking a deadly blow in the icy conditions. It was down to me to remedy the situation. The wand I had picked up a while back enabled me to shoot Fireball after Fireball at the beast but it just took the damage and kept on fighting despite us being told by Jahir (our friendly neighbourhood magical item seller) that it was susceptible to these kinds of attacks. The beast took me down on a couple of occasions, and were it not for our bold cleric and the lady Annabella, our strange hanger-on, I would not be alive to tell the tale of how my last blast from the wand took down the troublesome beast.

After an exhausting and bloody combat, we retrieved the rod and returned to the carnival tent for our rewards. The genie, however, acted far more quickly than we did, grabbed her lamp and disappeared out of there lickety-split. Probably worried in case we harangued her for a free Wish or whatever for rescuing her.

Back to the carnival (Day 14 – early afternoon)

We reappeared back in the same tent at almost exactly the same moment we left it. Jahir, the resident magical item seller, was still mid-sentence and ushering out pose. He greeted us warmly as we handed over the rod to him and claimed our rewards – several tomes that would increase our vigour in some way.

Suddenly we heard a scream from outside the tent. We rushed outside to see a person run past covered in blood and the rest of the village turning on each other, some with weapons. As we looked around for a source of the panic, the tent shimmered and we could see a figure in the distance shining a bright beam of light at us.

We awoke to the sound of breaking glass and the exact same events as what appeared to be the day before. We were fully-healed from our exploits in the Void, and all of our spells and powers were at full strength.

When we got down to breakfast we found Lord Frak sat at the table. He asked for a temporary parley and informed us that he too had been stuck there for several days and was trying to figure out what was happening. He mentioned that he was also having great fun with some of the townsfolk as he could torture them one day and go back for a repeat session the following day to inflict new torment on his victims without them knowing what had previously gone on before.

We resolved to try to find out about the supposed vampire from the rumours we had heard the previous day, so the agenda for this particular “day” was to investigate what we could at Lord Cambridge’s house (the village elder).

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