Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Gondorian Archer Unit

We had some nice, bright weather for the early part of this afternoon here in the south-east of the UK today, so I was able to get the spray can out again in the garden and then put paint to brush on some of the figures already undercoated. I managed to get the rest of the Gondorian foot undercoated, as well as some of the metal command miniatures. I decided to start work on the Gondorian archers unit first.
A small part of the Gondorian archer unit

I sprayed the figures with Citadel Chaos Black from the old can that was still lying around in the man cave. I then got the old brushes out and managed to put some GW Dwarf Flesh onto the faces of the first eight warriors - a nice easy start to the painting campaign. I will try to get the next eight archers' faces painted tomorrow and then start on their armour. I will probably only go forward with the dozen required for the unit I am making though, plus a captain and banner bearer.

Tomorrow I will also try to pick up some plastic glue (my existing tubes have now either dried up or run out) and a pack of Plasticine (more on the reasoning for this with my next post) and get some of the cavalry undercoated too.

Once they have all been de-sprued and glued up, I will lay the army out again to see what I need to buy (EBay here I come!) to complete it. I am envisaging a sort-of equivalent to a Roman Century plus support units in the cavalry and artillery. I do not know what Tolkien himself thought of the Romans, but I am a great admirer of their technology and warfare nous.

Until next time...

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