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Doggerland : Aftermath

The final playing session of this campaign was last week, but I had plenty of after campaign paper work to do this week. I wrote a follow-up session about how the characters were rewarded for their efforts and tried to complete any small items that were left undone.

I have asked the players whether they would like to carry on using their characters for a further adventure in Doggerland sometime next year using 3rd Edition rules. Some have already answered, so it looks like that will be a go next year sometime. I will now be awarding experience and levelling up their characters in readiness for the conversion session which will take place before the next game starts.

This week I attended the first session of a new Pathfinder campaign run by the DM of the Dragon Warriors adventures from last year. I have rolled up a Half-Elven Sorceror - about time I played one of the magic using classes since getting back into RPGs a couple of years ago.

The Destruction of the Temple

The Adventurers
Bow – Ranger
Cormac – Fighter
Johan – Cleric
Maximillian – Thief
Tarquin - Fighter
Theoderic – Fighter
Vox – Magic User

Death Throes – Thunorsday 4th September (Day 91) – early evening

Zuggtmoy’s screams rent the air as she scrabbled for purchase on the smooth granite flagstones of the throne room. Her pseudopods could get no purchase as she was inexorably pulled into the bright beam that lit the rest of the chamber. As soon as she was completely immersed within the purple light the screaming stopped and the light shut out.

Johan rushed to check on Vox and he was able to stem the bleed he had sustained when he was dashed to the floor of the throne room by the demon queen. Vox groggily looked around him but was still dazed enough to not know what was going on.

As the party regained their feet and eye-sight after the brightness of the purple column of energy had disappeared and the chamber had been dashed back into the dimness of the mould induced luminescence they began to feel slight tremors in the ground below their feet.

Bow was first off the mark and he raced to the ascending throne device. However, he passed the details of its manual activation (which he still knew even though the Skull had winked out of existence) onto Max as he ascended the shaft. The rest of the party followed Bow up the shaft one-at-a-time as the throne room began to collapse slowly around them.

They exited the main Temple building as the thunder of collapsing earth got louder and louder. As they exited the Temple they met with the remainder of the Thuringian raiding party as they too fled towards the road that led away from the Temple.

When the adventurers and their Thuringian allies had made it beyond the confines of the Temple’s outer defence works, the ground began to shake more and a bright purple glow began to emanate from the ground. All of the material belonging to the edifice was slowly but inexorably dragged into the glowing sphere of energy that had now appeared just below the ground surface within a large crater that was rapidly forming.

Finally, there was a brief titanic implosion and the whole of the Temple and its local environs disappeared into the purple ball of energy, which winked out of existence with a final rush of inflowing air that ended with a great thunder clap.

Return to Castleford – overnight

On the way back the small army met with its supply train and rear guard. The party swapped stories with the leaders of the expedition who then told tales of strange creatures and beings that they had encountered within the dungeon complex. They mentioned the party’s handiwork on the first two levels but also mentioned that they had only just scratched the surface of what was also encountered therein. Many men-at-arms and acolytes were slain but also many prisoners were taken.

The wagon train moved throughout the night in its haste to get back to the safety of Castleford’s doughty walls. As it travelled, the acolytes from the Sol Invictus temples from all around were there to Heal and succour the wounded.

Guests of Honour - Freyasday 5th to Godsday 13th September (Days 92-100)

When the wagon train arrived at Castleford it was immediately waved through the main gates and escorted to the castle. The prisoners were led to the dungeons whilst the remaining injured soldiers were taken to the infirmary for further Healing. The party was asked up to the keep where they stayed as guests of honour for the next week or two.

The adventurers spent most of the intervening week or so retelling their tales of danger and derring-do to those that would listen. They also headed out to the merchants’ quarter to pick up the items that they had previously ordered; Tarquin, Bow and Max had special magical rings that were due for delivery any time soon.

On the Godsday (13th September) following their return to Castleford a great banquet was held in the party’s honour. Again they are guests of honour and are treated to a sumptuous feast as well as a reward for their contribution to the downfall of the Temple in Vannin. Each member of the party was awarded 10,000 gold coins and a small plot of land with a rent of 1,000 gold coins for their efforts. Again, Vox eschewed the ceremony but he was given his reward the following day personally by the Prince.

A few days after the great banquet, the adventurers were escorted to their new lands and introduced to those that would work for them.

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