Saturday, 21 September 2013

Easterling Command - GW Lord of the Rings

It took me a while but I eventually got around to painting up some of my Easterlings today. I have quite a few Easterling miniatures but not nearly enough to face down my Rohan army. I will be buying some more plastic warriors and kataphracts to make the force larger, but will also be supplementing the Easterling army with GW's LotR Orcs and some EBob Mongols to represent Balchoth mercenaries - I do not like the style of the GW Khandish figures, so will not be using those unless maybe they come out in plastic in the future.

Currently I have the following for my Easterling force...

1 box (22) plastic Easterling Infantry
7 random plastic Easterling Infantry I bought from a second hand stall at a show a few years back
3 sets of Easterling Command (Captain and Banner bearer)
6 metal Easterling Infantry

Khamul on foot and mounted

6 metal Easterling Kataphracts
6 plastic Easterling Kataphracts

6 EBob mounted Balchoth
9 (or is it 10?) EBob Balchoth Infantry

About 30 or so orcs to be painted in a generic fashion to represent either Mordor or Isengard orcs that have been sent out as mercenaries to help the cause in the east.

I will be looking for a few more of the metals (both foot and mounted) and maybe some more second hand plastics if they are at a reasonable price. I am not sure about the Finecast stuff as I have heard lots of bad rumours about them, but the couple of sets of Space Marines that Alex has bought have actually been OK (only a few bits needed filling), so maybe GW's processes have improved?

Anyway, here are the first of the finished figures - Easterling Command...

Banner bearer...

Captain with halberd...

I think that they came out nicely, but the subtle shading on the cloth has 'pinked' a bit under the lights.

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