Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Idle chit-chat

I haven't been up to much painting wise recently. Even though the AD&D campaign has been taking up a lot of my weekday time, I should still have the weekends to get some painting done. Unfortunately my eyes are playing up again and I just cannot focus on anything for too long without getting a headache. I will be looking at getting some new glasses soon that will hopefully aid me in my quest for finishing off some more figures before the summer light starts to fade. I am presuming it is age related long sightedness, but its onset has come as a shock none-the-less.

On the paint station ready for a lick of paint are:
40 Norman Knights - various manufacturers
4 fantasy clerics - I think they are all Citadel
Alex has a selection of Elves for LotR and HotT from a variety of manufacturers
I also dug out a really old Citadel Great Fire Dragon. Compared to many of today's dragon figures it is tiny, but it seemed huge when I bought it. It needs a good clean up, the wings need reattaching and then I need to find a HotT base suitable for it before putting on some paint - a summer project methinks

Gaming wise, AD&D has been on my mind mostly. The campaign is due to end in a few weeks' time, so I can jog on with some more PBM in Doggerland - a new game based on a smaller scale and set a few hundred years after the last strategy game period. I am alos toying with a sci-fi empire building type game. Not many details on that yet, but ideas are floating around in the grey matter.

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