Tuesday, 28 June 2011


It took a while, but here are the Dragonewts I have had on the paint station for quite a while. I didn't paint up two of them (they are the riders of the terror birds I painted ages back), but the rest make a fearsome pack of foes at all life stages. Here are some early stage Dragonewts - a crested Dragonewt in the centre.

 Next up is a picture of the penultimate stage. I can't remember what he was called and I can't remember how many official life stages they have before becoming dragons. I will have to dig out my Glorantha source book for a read up.
Here's the final stage. He is sculpted as a left hander which is correct according to the canon, but I am not sure if it is just the final stage that is left handed or all stages.

Finally, here is a picture of them all together. The only one I didn't get an individual shot of is the beaked Dragonewt on the right of the picture; I couldn't get any depth on the photo due to him blending in with the trees and going all blurry.

I quite like these minis and they go well with those broo I painted up a little while back. I still have a centaur and those two terror bird riders to paint up and all my remaining Runequest minis are painted. I wish I had not sold off those ducks and baboons back in the day. Still, I am sure there are other manufacturers who sell them somewhere out there.

Next up for me should be those Early Eastern Empire Roman auxiliary spearmen. Alex changed his mind on those Bretonnians and painted up some Space Marines instead. I should be able to get the marines up on the blog tomorrow if all goes well, and the Romans maybe next weekend or just after. Hopefully I can then get those Rohan footmen started as well as some more odds and sods from my old lead pile.

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