Monday, 13 June 2011

Broadside 2011

Alex and I went to the new show, called Broadside, put on by the Milton Hundred Wargames Club down in Sittingbourne, Kent, on Sunday. This is a new show on the calendar, and luckily just down the road from where I live. It is a small show, held in a leisure centre sports hall, but despite its small size it more than made up for in atmosphere, friendliness and variety of traders. There was a comforting buzz in the hall all day from the 300+ visitors they got through the doors. I will definitely be going again next year, and hopefully with a bit more cash in my pocket. It was only a few quid to get in so that was a major plus point too. I didn't actually get to buy anything there but saw lots that I may get hold of later on - some great scenery items are now on the agenda. Alex bought a pile of second hand Lord of the Rings minis for £1 each.

I was going to write this up yesterday, probably in a bit more detail, but I got a call to go visit my father in hospital almost as soon as I got in through the door. He was in for a routine heart operation that turned out to be a full double by-pass. He is recovering fine physically from the op but has developed a bit of an infection that is making him feel a bit paranoid (a common side effect of the drugs, infection and tiredness from the operation apparently). I had to go in to calm him down a little and explain to him what the doctors were unable. He should be out of hospital in a couple of days after a course of antibiotics and more rest.

I was able to put a bit of paint onto those Eastern Roman spearmen on Saturday, so they are half done now. I also finished off the Dragonewts at long last, who just need shading and varnishing to complete them. I was wondering what to start on next, and think I will get the Rohan footmen done - the ones I was unable to finish last year. There are 36 of them to go with the 24 Riders I painted last year. I also have many elites and heroes to add to them too - a decent sized army methinks. When they are done, I may start on some Norman Knights I bought a couple of years ago - I have about 30 of them to paint up from various manufacturers - and then the Gripping Beast Anglo-Saxons and Vikings to fight against them. Lots to do still, but it'll give me something to write about on the blog!

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