Sunday, 18 July 2010

Roman Auxiliary Spearmen III

The ongoing warm weather in the UK has led me to look at all of those chores around the house that I have been putting off these last few months (years?). I got very little figure painting done this weekend as all of my time was spent emptying the garage and taking the contents down to the local recycling centre. The garage is almost empty now but will be used for storage again soon, but in better conditions. I will be mopping down the walls and giving them a fresh coat of paint and then putting up some shelving units. You may be wondering what this has to do with gaming? The shelving will be used to store most of my gaming stuff, thus freeing up large sections of the house for living in. If all of my stuff is in one place then it will be easier to find and catalogue and it will be out of my wife's hair. I'll gain a little bolt hole into the bargain!

Anyway, onto this weekend's efforts. I managed to finish off one more of those Roman Auxiliary spearmen units; only three more to go now plus their command...

I also managed to put a few licks of paint onto those Ral Partha demons and start on the basing for a couple of really early Citadel Space Marines.

Gaming wise, I put out an invite to a few friends to see if they wanted to play my new strategy game. I am hoping to start running that at the end of August.

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