Sunday, 11 July 2010

Roman Auxiliary Spearmen II

Here's the second squad of Western Auxiliary Spearmen.

As mentioned previously, I will be finishing them a squad at a time, by pose.

The Lord of the Rings stuff is also coming along slowly but surely. I decided on basing elites, leaders and heroes on display bases, so I had to accrue some. All miniatures have now been based except for 6 mounted miniatures. I am aiming to try to get some different horses as I am bored of the same two poses for every rider so far.

I have completed the first coat on 24 horses so far, so the actual Riders of Rohan are coming along nicely. Overall, I am making quite good headway into getting the hundred or so miniatures started at least.

Next time should be more of the same - more Romans and an update on the LotR Rohirrim. I have also almost finished a couple of demons and a couple of very early GW Space Marines painted up for Mega City One style gaming.

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