Sunday, 11 April 2010

Fantasy Dark Age Hordes of the Things

Here's the first stand of Fantasy Dark Age Hordes of the Things human warriors. They are home cast Prince August figures from the 1980s and I'm not sure if they are still around in the shops. I have lost the moulds now, so cannot cast any more, but I had cast about 30-40 to keep me going.

These could have been photographed at a better angle to show off the axes they are about to swing, but I seem to be hung up on photographing everything from the front at the moment. Hopefully when I photograph them along with all the others for this mercenary band, you'll get to see them with their axes at the ready.

Coming up : More Fantasy DA HotT stands, 2000AD Judges and a few more trolls.


  1. The moulds are still available from Prince August.

  2. Brillian. Thanks Tim. Looking at the link, I see that I used to have the Men of the City mould too. But, alas, the winds of time have blown away all traces of those minis and moulds too.