Thursday, 16 April 2009

First post

I promised myself I would start a new blog after attending Salute 2009 this year. I bought myself some new minis whilst there and decided that the lead (and plastic) mountain must reduce considerably by next year before I can buy any more. This has prompted me to get out the paint brushes and dust off the paints and minis of yore and get cracking on my hobby.

My first projects include:
  1. Warlord Games' Early Imperial Romans (I have a whole century to paint!) - WAB
  2. Some old, old Citadel Miniatures' townsfolk - fantasy RPG
  3. Some Citadel Miniatures' and Asgard Dwarfs - HotT

Since Salute 09 I have started to paint the minis above and finished the first of them over the Easter Holiday weekend. My next post will show my efforts so far.

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