Sunday, 26 April 2009

Citadel Villagers

This week I managed to complete a few of my very old Citadel villager miniatures. The sculpt quality is rather poor, but considering that they are nigh on 25 years old I can't really complain. I have done the best I can with them and think they have actually turned out OK. Unfortunately my photographic skills haven't improved too much so I think a reinstall of Photoshop wouldn't go amiss so I can cut and zoom in better. I'll try that with the batch for next week - a second contubernium of Romans with another Centurion to lead them.

Anyway, here's those villagers...

The minis consist of three tavern staff, some kind of mendicant and a village idiot. All of these will be used in my upcoming fantasy RPG as well as being used as objectives or "scenery" when running WAB battles.

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