Sunday, 10 May 2015

Mordor vs Rohan picture by Nick

Apologies for there not being much in the way of an update recently. Real life has got in the way, in a good way. I am back working on a temporary basis and that has taken up a lot of my time recently, so my scenery project has taken a bit of a back seat role. However, I have had lots of chats about future projects with Alex and Nick. These chats resulted in a picture drawn by Nick (aged 6) as to what he wants to do in our next game.

He has drawn a great battle scene where Mordor and Rohan are at war. For some reason he has chosen Normans to be on Rohan's side (probably because he has seen my painted Norman Knights from a year or two back that are displayed on a shelf in my new man cave). Anyway, here is his picture and my rough interpretation, which is undoubtedly wrong as kids' imaginations are far better than adults'...

Mordor has a small stronghold at the top of the picture towards which many warg riders are pouring. To the right of the Norman and Rohan castle in the centre are hordes of orcs backed up by a couple of catapults and a line of Mumaks to their fore.

The Rohan cavalry have charged the Mumaks but many have been swept from their steeds by the spiked tusks of the Mumaks. Meanwhile, in the largest stronghold, a large troll has managed to break in and start terrorising the Norman troops stationed there.

Nick asked me when we were going to play another game on our new board, so I will need to arrange that for the boys very soon. His interest in gaming is the keenest at the moment and he has spurred me out of my temporary apathy to pick up my brushes again. My next task this weekend is to peruse Ebay looking for some Gondor (he means Minas Tirith) warriors with spears.

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