Saturday, 5 October 2013

Easterling Foot Contingent - Lord of the Rings

Here is the bulk of the infantry for my little Easterling army. I still have a stack of Balchoth to paint, as well as Khamul, both the metal and plastic sets of Kataphracts, and some more metal and plastic infantry.

Here are the foot sloggers. First up are the archers...

 The infantry for close quarter combat armed with what I assume are some sort of falchion...

 And finally the support in the form of halberdiers/pikemen...

Hopefully I can get a few more of these painted up soon, but I have had the mishap of quite a few of my old GW paints ruinning out. I will try to visit a show or two in the near future to try to pick up some at a trade stand who specialises in old gear (there are a few around).

I also can't wait to get the orc and Balchoth mercenaries painted for them too. I will then get a group shot and compare the army to my Rohan force (which incidentally just needs the elites and command completing before it too is ready for war).

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