Thursday, 13 September 2012

Interlude and a Reunion


Between gaming sessions, our DM Craig often sends us little snippets of information to prepare us for the next session. Here are two such snippets aimed at the players of Knil and Korum...

Written by Craig - the DM

For Knil

Knil looked around at his companions. Korum appeared to be studying his cell door, probably seeing if there was any way he could force the lock. Bardan was smiling as he stared at the scrawny guards outside the cells. Arken, as usual, appeared to be meditating, lost in thought, or perhaps speaking with an agent of his god.

There was an ache in Knils heart. He finally had a bow that suited him, that he had that real connection with. And it had been taken away from him. He hoped that whoever took it from him had stored it somewhere...and he hoped that person was nearby so Knil could exact some revenge...maybe take something precious of his....his head perhaps. Knil was using his extraordinary hearing to listen in on the guards conversations, and had managed to pick up several interesting titbits. Most of the guards were avid gamblers, and it was during one game of dice that he heard what he was waiting for. One of the guards had ran out of gold to bet, and his opponent was reluctant to lend him any. The first guard asked if the prisoners had any when they were brought in, and the other replied 'yeah, good idea, take theirs. They won't need it anytime soon. We dumped all their trash in the armoury, just through that door, all the way to then end, on the right'.

A smile played itself across Knils lips. Assuming Korum could get them out, and Bardan could deal with the guards, Knil would soon be reunited with his bow.

For Korum

Korum sits in his cell, toying with the small pieces of bone. Amatuer mistake by the guards really, if they had known anything about this particular group of adventurers, they would know that Korum could pick a lock with an overly long fingernail. And they had given him long thin bones!

Korum had spent the time since inspecting both the locks and the guards routine. The locks were rusty and in a terrible state. It would be touch and go - he wasn't completely sure the bones were strong enough to turn the locks, which looked as if they had never been oiled. Shabby maintenance, really.

Korum had noticed that the guards changed shift after serving the evening 'meal', and there was a delay of several minutes as the two shifts passed each other in the exterior corridor and stopped to catch up. Now if only he had a way to stop the locks squeaking...


Russell, the player who controls Rioja Hyrule, took a couple of weeks out to relax in sunnier climes. Upon his return, Craig took him aside during the main party's adventure to bring him up to speed. After their adventures, Korum snuck another quick look into the Diary of Rioja Hyrule, wizard extraordinaire...

From the Diary of Rioja Hyrule - Reunion

Written by Russell (who plays Rioja)

I have given up on their book. After two weeks of studying the local texts I have learnt much of their local customs and folk law, almost none of it of any use against the rising dark lord. The stories confirm the working of the Dark Elves, but beyond that little of any use. Frankly I have learnt more about the repugnant habits of the mayor here than anything of use in right against the rising dark lord. A more thoroughly disgusting man by both taste and deed I have never met.

As soon as possible I set out after the party. I rode Epona as fast as she would carry me towards the mountains, looking for signs of the party's travels. Signs of their travels were obvious. The rising dark lord was clearly throwing all his minions at them, and I was able to follow them mainly by moving from pile of dead minions to the next! 

One battle site led me underground, through large caverns where the party had clearly slain multiple giant snakes, and the caverns eventually led out to a vast desolate plain.  In the middle of the plain was the largest scene of dead I have every seen. Scores upon scores of dead men and half-men strewn over the battlefield. The dead were clearly mostly the rising dark lord's forces, but I spotted many of our militia lying dead amongst them. However I didn't see any of my party, or any evidence of their belongings or defeat, so I assume they have continued into the castle to confront the rising dark lord himself. For myself I am tired after my journey and must rest before joining them.

[next day]
After resting and preparing my spells I set out for the castle. Despite the party's assault on it the main door may still be a dangerous entry point, so I elected to enter via side door I had noticed up a winding path in the mountains; with Epona as my steed the ascent was easy. Reaching the door I was unsurprised to find it locked,, but I had prepared for this and used a Dimension Door spell to avoid having to deal with the door in this dimension. 

Materializing on the other side of the door I was shocked to find myself stood between two guards. In my dazed state I began to run randomly down corridors to avoid them, loosing Magic Missiles behind me to try and waylay my perusers. It seems I was lucky with my missiles, as after just a couple of turns the guards both lay dead.

I continued into the castle only to hear more guards. Investigating I found the noise coming from what was obviously a guard room. I peered in through the keyhole to see a guard coming my way! In a panic I backed up and as the door opened I loosed a fireball into the room. This panicked action turned out to be rather effective! After some initial screaming the room became quiet as the guards met their fiery deaths. 

I proceeded deeper into the dungeon, opening a door close to the guard room, only to be charged by what I initially took to be a rather large guard come to investigate the screams of his companions. However as I cowered below the brute he stopped in his path... and I realized it was Barden! And so I am now reunited with the party once more! After explaining my story to them I asked how they had stormed the castle, and why Knil was locked in a prison cell. Apparently my appraisal of the battle outside was somewhat off the mark: despite killing scores of the rising dark lord's forces they were eventually overpowered and taken prisoner, and had only just escaped and were searching for their equipment and weapons. Rather worryingly this left me as the party's main form of defence until we found their equipment!


The party were now reunited and the tale continues in the next installment to be written up later on today.

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