Sunday, 30 October 2011

The Real Doggerland

I was reading the Metro (a free daily newspaper in the UK) on the way to work a few weeks back and came across the following article, which I duly cut out and scanned into my computer. It is a very simplistic view of what Doggerland may have looked like but I thought I'd share it. I have studied this prehistoric landscape in more detail whilst taking a Prehistoric Archaeology diploma at night classes. A lot more has been found out about Doggerland recently, after several sea-bed scans have been made. I based my game map on a map from an 'offical' website, but amended it somewhat for gameplay. Anyway, enjoy the article for an insight into what drew me into using Doggerland as a game setting.

Doggerland, for me though, is a somewhat Howardian Hyperborea. A time when ancient empires were growing from the wandering tribes as they started to settle down. The tribes in my Doggerland are more advanced technologically than the people of the real land bridge; I see them more as what we would now call 'Ancients' - Bronze/Early Iron Age people with a smattering of magic thrown in. However, this all came to an end for the peoples of Doggerland with a great deluge, which swept away any vestiges of civilisation they had, plungeing the rest of the world back into a Mesolithic Age.

On the theme of 'cave-men', here are a couple I picked up many moons ago from Denizen (I think). I painted them yesterday and based and varnished them today.

I have started to put some paint onto a few more Roman figures, but next up should be some fantasy figures.

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