Sunday, 12 September 2010

Colours 2010

I managed to get down to Colours agian this year. It seemed to be heavily attended again by traders, clubs/demonstrators and buyers. I managed to chat to a few demonstrators who said interest in their particular tables was good and the traders I chatted to all said they had done fairly brisk business. All of this is good news for the hobby considering we are in the tail end of a recession.

I went to the show with a few goals in mind; to buy some 15mm minis to represent the five main armies of Doggerland, bases to put them on, any second hand LotR Rohan stuff, some dwarfs and goblins for HotT and the last few items to finish off those HotT barbarians. I managed to get three complete Doggerland armies (from Xyston and Donnington) and their relevant bases (from Magister Militum), and some barbarians for HotT (from Heroes of the Dark Ages) but a few stands that were at Colours last year weren't there this year so I missed out on everything else. That said, I managed to pick up some cheap metal Easterlings.

So, once again, I got a big fat zero's worth of painting done this weekend. I am still waiting on the delivery from Warlord to make it through, as is a gaming buddy of mine. I am wondering if their delivery trolls are having a few problems. I'll give it a few more days and give them a chase. I have a feeling I won't hit my target this year, but I'll wait and see. As long as I exceed last year's count I'll be happy, and I am obviously getting through the lead and plastic mountain slowly but surely, so that is not such a bad thing anyway. Provided the varnish spray comes through this week, I should get a few more minis completed next weekend and keep the blog ticking over.

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