Thursday, 9 May 2019


This is the first of a few posts that are not really, but kind of almost are, Lord of the Rings hobby related. There will be more LotR posts soon, but these are kind of linked in by the fact that in one of my imaginary worlds, these will be allies for factions that I will use Lord of the Rings figures for.

First up are a couple of Games Workshop's Ushabti (apologies for the dull photo - light conditions are terrible at home due to the overcast/rainy weather we are currently experiencing)...

I did have three of these (out of the four available in metal - jackal, crocodile, asp and vulture) but cannot seem to find the third one (the asp headed version). I managed to build and clean them up today whilst waiting for a small break in the weather that never came which would have allowed me to get out into the garden to undercoat more Games Workshop LotR minis. I also got a few more miniatures that I will feature over the next few days out of their bags/blisters in readiness for preparation tomorrow and the rest of the week.

A brief look at the GW site shows that they released more Ushabti subsequent to these metal minatures in resin, but they do not have the same style, and therefore aesthetic I want. I will probably try to hunt down the fourth metal one on eBay (the Vulture headed one) and see if I can find the asp headed one here at home. I have a few boxes of figures I have not gone through just yet, so probably lots more lovely surprises to come.

I am not at all sure how to paint these yet. Do I go for the blue, white and gold Egyptian look, or for the red and gold look of the Easterlings? Also, do I paint them as beings made of bone or jet black like the statues found in Egyptian tombs? Lots to ponder over the coming weeks.

As mentioned in a previous post, these beasts will be the result of an Easterling (or whatever I decide to call that faction) War Priest summoning. To make things fair, their points values will have to be calculated when creating an army otherwise adding a few of these to an even sided fight will certainly tip the balance in the Easterling player's favour. When I get to statting these up, I will publish them on here for all to use.

Along with these Ushabti, I found some EBob unofficial LotR miniatures (much better than the Unreleased Miniatures mentioned in a previous post on Rohan elites), i-Kore Fomorians, and I pulled together my collection of Rackham's Confrontation Wolfen. All of these will make nice additions to my future games.

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