Thursday, 30 May 2019

LotR Khazad Dum Army

Lord of the Rings Khazad Dum Army (Prepped and Undercoated)

Today, I can present to you the second of my Lord of the Rings miniatures armies; the Dwarfs of Khazad Dum. These can be used against the Goblins of Moria featured yesterday, or in fact any other orc type army.

I have quite a few of these and would like to add to them a little in the future to round out the army. Again, this all depends on me securing a new job and then being able to fund the collection. Here is the army pre-prep...

And the army removed from its blisters and boxes, prepped and undercoated ready for painting...

24 Dwarf rangers

Murin and Drar
12 Dwarf warriors
Balin and Dain
14 Khazad Guard
4 Dwarf kings
Floi Stonehand
2 Dwarf captains
1 Dwarf banner bearer
Durin and Mardin
3 Iron Guard
King's Champion (3)
1 Dwarf ballista
1 old Citadel Thorgrimm miniature

This gives a total of 73 Dwarfs (plus one ballista)

This army is probably the least complete that I have. I would like to add in some standard plastic Dwarf warriors and beef up a few of the elite units so I can field either 12 or 6 of each. Details can be seen in the list on the right hand side of the page.

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