Wednesday, 1 May 2019

500th Post and 10 Years of Blogging

This post for today is a bit off topic but I thought it would be nice to say "Thank you" to my loyal readers and casual browsers for staying with me through the thick and thin of the last few years.

For me, it will also be an an aide de memoir for how my little blog has been going.

Used without permission, but with thanks to the Fortune 500 companies

Well, I am not sure how it got here, but it did. 500 posts over 10 years is quite an achievement when looked at in the cold light of day - approximately one update per week! I missed the tenth anniversary of this blog back on the 16th of April this year as I was so busy putting up new content I didn't think to look back to see when it all started; it is only this memorable blog count that drew my attention to it.

Well, not today but on the16th April 2019
My blogging started off in a bright and breezy fashion, updating semi-regularly and in an eclectic fashion, concentrating mainly on: painted miniatures from a variety of my collections, the play-by-email games I was involved in, and shows/exhibitions I attended that were gaming or comic related. It then moved onto mostly gaming reports (play-by-email games I ran and took part in, games at the local RPG club and tabletop games with a few opponents) as my backlog of old pre-slotta and new historical minis were now painted and based up ready for action.

The blog began to flounder a couple of years ago as certain events took hold and my life took a different path that stopped me thinking about gaming and all things hobby related. This phase now seems to be almost over, at long last, so now I have got back to blogging with a vengeance. Due to being currently out of work I have had the time to put fingers to keyboard and churn out stuff that in the past I would not have had the time to do. One day soon (hopefully), I will get back into work and my output will inevitably fall, but all this writing is useful to keep my mind active and imagination busy whilst I trundle through the days.

The future of this blog, as I see it at the moment, is to report more on my overall hobby related stuff rather than just solely gaming, but each post will need to have a gaming related theme. I also do a lot of running and watch rugby (after playing it for several years at a few local clubs), but I will probably not mention these activities too much on here.

Anyway, here's to another ten years of blogging and reporting on my little gaming hobby. I hope to keep it more regular than in the past but I know there will be phases when either my enthusiasm wanes or I am stymied by situations that mean I cannot do something hobby-related for a while (e.g. getting hold of hobby supplies, waiting on the weather etc.). I have many more figures to prep and paint, loads of comics to read and mine for adventure hooks, and I daresay other things will come along out of the blue and take my attention for a short while.

I will end this post by saying another big "Thank you" for the support you guys and girls out there have given me over the years.

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