Sunday, 23 March 2014

White Dwarf weekly #08

Used without permission - copyright Games Workshop

I popped into my local Games Workshop today whilst waiting to go to the cinema and picked up a copy of the lastest White Dwarf on the off chance. Brief overview below.

I also got to chat to a member of staff about the magazine. I wanted to have a browse through some earlier editions but he said that once the next issue comes into the shop, the rest are sent back for shredding and recycling. It seems that GW headquarters keep a few back to sell on the website after they have gone out of print, but if you want to purchase it locally, it seems best that it is bought the week it comes out.

The new White Dwarf is a glossy magazine with full colour throughout. It has a soft card cover and 32 internal pages (36 pages in all).
Inside issue #08 (I will only focus on SBG)...
Beorn and Bear (1 page)
Girion Lord of Dale (1)
Thranduil the Elven King (1)
Gundabad Orc Captain (1)
Gundabad Orc Swordsmen (1)
Gundabad Orc Spearmen (1)
Barrels out of Bond game report (4)
Lore of the Wild game advice (2)
The Week in White Dwarf roundup article (2 1/2)
Total = 14 1/2 pages out of 32 The Hobbit related material (the rest is about the new releases for 40K and a Weathering tutorial).

Not a bad issue overall - about 30-40 minutes read for £2.40

I hope this helps anyone decide that this particular magazine is for them. As The Hobbit material is very sparse in any case then it is a welcome addition to my collection but most of the info is review or background  material rather than tactica etc.

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