Sunday, 29 January 2012

Romano-British Archers and Games Workshop

We had a family trip to the Bluewater shopping centre this afternoon. Not my idea of a cup of tea but at least there is a Games Workshop to lose myself in whilst the Mrs does some girly stuff. I popped in in the hope of seeing the new Lord of the Rings releases. Unfortunately they didn't have any in to show me, but I picked up a White Dwarf, some paints and brushes, and some movement trays for my LotR Rohan force whilst there anyway. Now, I won't be using those movement trays for War of the Ring (I don't have the rules and doubt I will pick them up after seeing them in action a year or two back) but to put my Rohan forces in so they don't slide around so much in their storage trays. Also, I rarely buy White Dwarf these days (once a year maybe?), but as it seemed to have a wee bit of LotR content I decided to take the plunge. There is quite a bit of new stuff coming out for LotR next month, so I for one am glad they are now devoting some time and effort to what I think is by far their best mainstream game. Apparently they are going to be filling in quite a few gaps from Legions of Middle Earth - about time we all say!

Also, as I hadn't quite finished the Gripping Beast archers I bought last year when I went into action yesterday, I completed their bases today upon my return from Bluewater. Half-a-dozen have now been completed, but there are 2 more still on the paint station. I also have about another 15-20 heavily armoured chaps to round out the army. I will probably just need to buy one or two leader and sorceror types to completely finish what I require. Anyway, here are those six I finished today...

I am hoping to get those Splintered Lands minis finished next weekend, and I have just started work on basing those Chronicle Hobgoblins I dug out a few days back. I also have a HotT stand of barbarian archers that is almost completed too. There is also some work still to be done on that Village of Hommlet map. Hopefully I will get the time to complete quite a few by next post.

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