Sunday, 22 January 2012

Update and Chat

No photos on the blog this week I'm afraid. I did do a fair bit of painting and finishing off work though, but nothing was actually completed fully. So, hopefully there will be pictures either next weekend or the week after.

I was hoping to get the Splintered Lands stuff completed this weekend but I remembered I needed to get some Arthurian archers sorted ready for an encounter with Dunc's Saxon Dogs of War next weekend. We will be playing 400 point armies from the Songs of Merlin and Arthur Legendary Welsh rules. So, seeing as the Saxon interlopers have been espied with a shaman aboard their red sailed long boats, the Cantiaci have requested help from the local forest mage. Maybe he will turn up, maybe he won't, but the Romano-British warriors are certainly spoiling for a fight after the bloody nose they suffered last time out.

I managed to finish the above mentioned archers to the point of basing and varnishing, which I can hopefully complete during the week. I also finished off some Heroes of the Dark Ages archers too, which will make up part of a HotT Barbarian archers stand. Hopefully these will also be ready for display next week.

I spent the greater part of my online time last week reading up on D&D stuff again; I am becoming a lot more interested in the game now and will be looking to roll up some PCs and NPCs over the coming next few weeks to get a feel for the combat systems etc. again. I also did a bit more work on that Hommlet map I started on a couple of weeks back.

I also managed to have a quick look through what miniatures I still have to paint up from my lead/plastic piles. I have a goodly amount of EBob's Tribes of the East range (a unit of 10 of his foot and 9 cavalry) which I am going to use as the LotR Easterling tribe called Balchoth. I also have a stack of Games Workshop's Easterlings on foot and mounted to be used as adversaries for my growing Rohan army along with Saruman, Grima, Uruk-Hai, warg riders and orcs. I will probably pick up just a few more to round out those forces, but I don't actually need that many. I will probably not bother doing a Mordor army, but use all of my orcs as orcs of the White Hand. My only nod to the southern realms will be a reasonably sized Harad force who could be used as mercenaries to bolster any of the above evil armies.

I have also sorted out my old Chronicle Hobgoblins. I will clean these up, mount them on my standard bases and start painting them as soon as I am able. I really like these Old Skool miniatures; they don't have as much fine detail as modern figures but they more than make up for it in character.

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  1. A Shaman? Archers? Erm, oh, right... I might be in trouble here; I've painted a Bishop/Monk figure, and the beginnings what can only be Derfel Cadarn (although the monkish fellow got the greater part of my attention today). Haven't even read the rules to see if I can wield a monk in anger.

    Indeed, I tend to field units on the basis of liking them, rather than any tactical foresight. Fortunately I've got some Slingers in the leadpile somewhere, so won't be entirely devoid of missile troops. However I think I'm going to book Friday off work, otherwise I'm unlikely to catch up with all of this.

    If I really get my act together there will be an Otter warband ready for Splintered Lands, to compliment the now slightly-more-painted-than-last-time Dwarven host. I've even slapped a bit more acrylic on some of The Flowering (the baddies) in the form of another Wolverine and a Pine Marten (although he might have been a Fox, the eyesight is starting to go a bit).

    As for D&D - have a butchers at Labyrinth Lord (free download), it's a reworking of 1e/BD&D. I'm slowing building up the necessary miniatures to run a good old fashioned dungeon bash. Basically an excuse to spend money with Otherworld and Red Box Games. It'll be (very) sporadic weekends this one, so you'll be more than welcome to come down and join in.

    See you on Saturday, where my filthy Saxon scum will deal out death to your fairly effeminate post-Roman British.