Monday, 2 January 2012

Doggerland - the Final Turn

Peace, at last, comes to Doggerland. Bran mak Morn, the lord of Cantwara, managed to win the support of the other warlords to become overlord of Doggerland. Here is the final map of the campaign which includes all details of how the forces lined up in that final turn before the capitulation of the lord Bjarni...

Here is a skeleton map of the final land divisions. Each empire has its own colour to distinguish it from the others...

Finally, here is the map with all territory names and the fortresses and earthworks that were still standing at the end of the game...

I am currently playing in Tavern Knights of Legend 2, run by my one of my long term gaming buddies. This will probably run throughout the summer, but when this ends I will be starting on the next game in the land of Dogger. This will be on a smaller scale where individual armies can be represented on the tabletop. In Doggerland, the armies were just known as 'warbands'. These warbands were an imginary unit that consists of vast swathes of either footmen, cavalry, mercenaries or a mixture of all with chariots thrown in - not really something that could be represented easily on the gaming table despite my best efforts. The next game will be far more easy to represent as each 'county' will be part of just one of the above territories, so an economic unit will buy a points value of troops to be chosen from set lists that relate to that particular county's peculiar troop type. The game will be set more on a village scale within one 'county', with each player having a set amount of villages from which to draw their revenue an dthus build their troops. Combat will be different and most likely will be able to be run on the tabletop - better get my 15mm figures painted by then I suppose!

I didn't get any painting done today, but should get back into the swing of things from next weekend when life returns to normal in the Odo household.

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  1. A great game!
    Thank you Odo and all the other players.
    I only wish I had been able to slay more kings so I could convert more of their body parts into musical instruments to equip my royal orchestra.