Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Space Marines

Alex finished off a bunch of Space Marines over the weekend. First up is the Emperor's Champion. Apparently he should be painted like a Black Templar, but Alex did him like an Ultramarine to fit in with the rest of the army he is building.

Here are four photos of his Veteran Squad - focussing on different members of the squad each time. I need to get a tripod and remote release for the camera soon, so I can keep the shutter open for longer and thus get more in focus within each shot.

Alex has almost finished quite a few others; a starter squad of four identical marines with a heavy weapons specialist and a tactical squad. He also has a few other one-off minis likeTyrannid Hunters, a sergeant figure and a bike rider. It is his birthday soon, and he has requested one of the troop carriers, either a rhino or similar, to complement his army. I have to say, they do look rather good on the table.


  1. He's coming on leaps and bounds from earlier posts of his work.

    You going to get the boy a dremel for his birthday so he can drill out the gun muzzles?

  2. Daggone. I think its time to farm him out for extra house hold income LOL! Really nice work there!

  3. Thanks for the kind comments chaps. He loves it when he gets all the good comments and his dad doesn't get any praise ;-)

    He is after some new minis for his birthday (end of the month), so what to get him...?

    Little Odo