Sunday, 5 June 2011

Alex's second Bretonnian archer unit

I haven't been feeling too good lately, so again I did not get any painting done. However, I was able to get the camera out and photograph Alex's second Bretonnnian archer unit. They have been painted to match the colours of one of his dukes and a future unit of men-at-arms.

Here is a front on view of the same unit.

Alex will be working on that unit of men-at-arms next, as well as a few other Bretonnian odds and sods. I still have those Runequest minis to finish as well as those Eastern Roman Empire spearmen (they are Western spearmen but will be painted in colours to match my eastern archers).

Being laid up for a few days though I have been able to read a fair bit of stuff. I have been going back through my old 2000AD collection and bagging/boarding/boxing them as I was going along. I have collected this comic since Prog 7, as well as most of the spin-offs like Starlord, Tornado, Crisis and the Judge Dredd Megazine in all its guises. I did sell a load off many years back, but since rebought them (well about 10 years ago I did), thus the re-read project. It is quite interesting reading these as an adult as I missed many of the adult themes when I was a kid. I am currently working my way through issues in the early 300s which equates to 1982/3, when the UK was in deep recession (rather much like the last few years). Many of the stories reflect the situation of the day. I think I sort of acknowledged it as a kid, because my father had long periods without work at this time, but I was pretty much shielded from it as my parents rarely talked about money matters in front of us kids. This is different to how things in my household are today, because we discuss our financial issues with the kids if it affects them directly.


  1. Those look great! I'm going with a black and white theme for my general and the men-at-arms and archers will match him as well. Does he have the hero with the great axe?

  2. Thanks Adeptgamer.

    He does indeed have that duke with the big axe. He is painting half of his army in that duke's livery (black and white) and the other half in some semblance of the king's (red and blue shields). He also has that other duke with the dragon claw spear and has painted him yellow and red, but he will be in charge of a cavalry unit of colourful knights. It is his birthday soon, and he would like me to get him one of the other 'big' units, He already has King Leon Coeur, the Green Knight, and a damsel, but he still needs: a trebuchet, the Fay Enchantress, a Grail Reliquae, a unit of Grail Knights and a unit of Questing Knights. Hmm, what to get him?