Saturday, 18 June 2011

10,000 page views

This total seems to have come along a little more quickly than my previous milestone of 5,000 page views. Readership has gone up but I think there has been a bit of an unusual spike over the last couple of weeks. The majority of these have been coming from the main Blogger site, so I am wondering if there is a bit of a glitch there in their software.

Anyway, I would like to say 'Thank you' to all my readers and send out a cordial 'Welcome' to my new followers over the last few months. Things have been a little slow on the site recently, but I have started up painting again and there should be lots more goodies to feast your eyes on over the next few weeks. I have maybe thirty or so metal minis to put the finishing touches to and then I will be back into Lord of the Rings territory again with my plastic Warriors of Rohan. Last year I tried to run a Summer Offensive to get all of the Rohan minis completed, but that proved a little too ambitious, so this year's Summer Offensive will just be to get the 36 Warriors of Rohan completed. These will be painted in the same style as the Riders of Rohan: block colours, wash/dip and matt varnish. Once I move onto the elites, I will try to up the ante and paint three-colour shading and for the heroes push the boat out for fully blended painting. We shall see how I cope when the time comes though I guess.

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