Wednesday, 15 February 2012

The Village of Hommlet - Map

It took me a while, but here is the final version of the Hommlet map I have been working on recently. I have been working on it in one or two hour stints over the last few weeks (but not every day).

I wanted to remove the grid lines and represent the village as is. I will next be working on getting it ready for my campaign world, along with a few other maps of the environs. I may also pep up the plans and pictures of the main encounter areas.


  1. oooooh, the fond memories. I have GM:ed that module/village twice, and great fun it has been. Hommlet grew in one campaign and became the heroes base.
    The original module is in tatters, but still kept down in the dungeon

  2. Looks great but hard to make out the details at that size. Any chance you could share the full size version? I plan to put Hommlet in my own campaign and this would be really useful.

  3. Hi Spooktalker,

    Drop me a line on mikodz at hotmail dot com, and I will send you a full sized image.


  4. Is a full sized image of Village of Hommlet still available?

  5. Hi QuietMrE,
    I have a largish version of the map still kicking around (a 2170x1376 jpg) if that would help?
    Send me an email on the above address (in my response to Spooktalker's request) and I will get one through to you.
    Little Odo