Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Miniature Wargames 347

I was weak. The lure of wargaming crack brought me back to the shops to get my next fix. I sold the house, the car, the kids... After overdosing over the last few weeks I succumbed and bought the next MW on a whim rather than my usual calculated skim through.

Used without permission - Atlantic Publishers

Still, it actually turned out to be an OK issue with plenty for my tastes...

pp08-10 - MW Readers Survey - the hobby is in reasonable shape and my fave 'periods' take up three of the top six slots and are on the rise.
pp12-16 - Modern urban gaming - brings back memories of Saturday nights out in Woolwich in the 1980s
pp18-23 - Romans north of The Wall
pp50-54 - Darker Horizons (Sci-Fant column)
pp56-58 - How to build a Greek Temple

Along with even more Zulu stuff, ACW and WW2 it was quite a packed magazine this month. It seems to have been released hot on the heels of the previous issue, so I think Atlantic are really getting things ready for the 3rd quarter release of the stand alone Darker Horizons magazine.

Back to the painting bench...
I have been a bit lazy over the last few days. I haven't been feeling too good (some sort of headache/dizziness bug), so I have been neglecting the brushes. I have a stack of stuff undercoated which I will get onto very soon, and I just need a bit of highlighting to be done on those Splintered Lands minis.

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