Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Some random fantasy stuff

Here are the rest of the miniatures I painted up over the weekend. They are a random assortment of fantasy and historical figures painted to be fantasy miniatures of sorts.

First up is a Warlord Games Celtic boy being chased by an old Citadel Amazon.

And back in the other direction in true Benny Hill style. I wonder what he has stolen to make the Amazon chase him with such wrath?

Here are a couple of left over Warlord Games Numidians painted like my HotT base of mounted barbarians. I still have a stack of these to be used with my ever growing Roman army.

Almost finished: a very old centaur (my first ever bought figure from around 1976), some Nick Lund kobolds and some Roman command.


  1. Run, lad! RUN! I think she has ill intentions!

    Fun stuff Odo!

  2. It looks like he's stolen her clothes!

  3. Thanks for the comments chaps. I just had a fun moment when taking the photos and decided to push it through to the site.