Sunday, 13 November 2011

Nick Lund's Kobolds

I bought these way back in the day when they were first released at a shop in west London. I cannot remember the name of the shop now but, as far as I know, it is no longer there - a shame really as I only went there the once (to get these and their Hobgoblin counterparts) and I recall it being a haven for RPG gamers. I went with my friend Steve, from school, whom I had just got into gaming and we went armed with a wodge of pocket money and high hopes. My aim was to get a stack of Nick Lund's stuff and his was to get a stack of dwarfs and orcs. We were neither disappointed and both of us came away with massive bags full of miniatures. Happy days indeed.

First up here is a picture of the hand weapon and shield armed Kobold warriors. They are nice and chunky and no way do they represent the weedy D&D style Kobolds. They are dressed in furs, cloth and a bit of chainmail for one - they look like they scavenged all their weaponry from their (or others'?) victims in the depths of the dark woods or dungeon.

Here are the same fellas showing off their shields.

These figures are of more warriors with two-handed weaponry. Again in an assortment of clothing; furs, studded leather and chain. The large weapons look functional - heavy (but not outsized like many modern manufacturer's renditions) and grim. I believe there was another from this part of the range, but the shop didn't have all of them in stock (likewise the Hobgoblins). Alas, I was unable to complete either collection, but nine of the critters should be enough to create a small, spiteful warband.

No right minded warband would go into action without magical assistance. Here is the Kobold shaman.

And finally, here is the chieftain himself. Much larger than the others, armed with a solid looking two-headed axe, wearing chain mail and a tatty green cloak that must have seen a lot of action.

I decided on a green theme for these to tie the warband together, with a couple of contrasting red items to complement the green. I like the way they have turned out.

The only issue I had with these was that they were mounted on pennies from a long time ago and therefore didn't have the steel content of today's currency. I couldn't remove the figures from those old pennies without damaging them, so I had to stick more modern pennies underneath to 'magnetise' them for storage. The double height bases look a little strange from close up, but look fine from a distance.

Next up should be some EIR command.


  1. The old Chronicle Miniatures line, brings back lots of good memories:

  2. Aah, Chronicle Miniatures - thanks for letting me know the range name Steve, it had slipped my mind. Also thanks for the link. I'll have a good look and see what else I have missed out on.