Sunday, 14 August 2011

Alex's 1st Crusade

When we were at Colours a few years back, Alex bought some of Perry Miniatures's 1st Crusade figures. He bought the leader pack and then a bit later on he bought some Hospitallers. Over the last week or so he has put some paint onto them ...

He put them onto large 50mm shouldered round bases as he thought they would look good when placed next to some of his other cavalry figures. He wasn't sure what he wanted to use them for, but now we have heard that the forthcoming Saga rules by Gripping Beast uses larger bases for commanders it looks like he may have made a wise choice.

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  1. I'll be reviewing Saga for WSS in the not too distant future. Primarily it'll be around my ever-increasing 15mm Dark Ages collection, but if it's as good as everyone (who's played it) says it is, then I'll rebase my Musketeer Miniatures early Saxons, I'd done them on 20mm for WAB, but no interest round here, so no loss... it might even make me finish them.

    Regards above - he's certainly coming on, but not quite as tidy as his Space Romans; the true 28mm of the Perry's bit more challenging than the mega detail of the GW products. Nevertheless, they're certainly good enough for me to go look at the Perry's website again.