Saturday, 30 July 2011

Warhammer 40K - Combat Squad

Alex has been off school for a week or so now, but his output on the paint station has been amazing. He has attended a one-day gaming session at school and now joined the gaming club (see previous post). Anyway, to mark his entry into the club, he tidied up his first ever Space Marines.

These were from a starter set I bought him from the GW in London's Oxford Street on a whim when he was quite a few years younger. These are painted in his style from then, but he just tidied up a few areas where he went over the lines so to speak. They are a far cry from his later stuff (see earlier and later posts), but it is nice to see how his painting has improved over the years.

There will be several more Space Marine entries over this week as Alex has finished up loads of the ones he has in his lead and plastic pile (not a mountain yet as he is still young!), and I am actually off work (some actual holiday/downtime) looking after the kids for a week.

I have also been busy, but not to the same scale as Alex, so I should have an entry or two over the next few days too.

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