Saturday, 23 July 2011

Tales of the Splintered Lands

My figures for Songs of the Splintered Lands arrived yesterday (thanks Dunc!) from Splintered Light Miniatures. I bought the Druid's Children: The Faithful Warband as a starter set.

You get 20 in the box set, which I imagine will make up a couple of warbands. Here's a picture of them:

I am hoping to get some work done on them this weekend. There is very little flash on them and they are very clean and crisp. Now all I need do is identify them and stat them up in readiness for painting. I've not really painted 15mm before, so these will be a different challenge to normal. I am wondering if a brighter paint job will be best as they are so much smaller than my normal 28mm fare.

1 comment:

  1. No worries mate - I love 'em. Primary colours are the way to go with these cracking figs.

    Oh, and tartan on the squirrels ;)