Sunday, 13 March 2011

Weirdy ridey thing

I managed to finish this horse/bird hybrid mount. It seems to be a reverse depiction of a hippogriff. I think there was a rider for this beast, but I am not sure which figure it was. I have another chaos riding beast to paint too, again with a rider, but this may be a while before it gets to the paint station.

I also managed to get some paint onto the Brytenwalda infantry unit for Alex; hopefully these will be finished by the next update. I also started on the Broo and Runequest miniaturestoday, I will be painting them with bronze weapons as opposed to the usual iron/steel ones I usually paint.

I will be looking through my old miniatures backlog again this week and trying to find some more to paint. I may also try to get that final unit of EIR auxiliary archers onto the paint desk, or maybe that last unit of auxiliary spearmen. I also have 36 Warriors of Rohan needing a quick finish so I can get to use them in anger with the 24 Riders of Rohan painted last year. There's loads to be done still, and so far this year there have been no new 28mm miniatures purchased. I am going to try to keep it that way until I need to get some to finalise those last few stands for HotT dwarfs or orcs/goblins.


  1. Hi, the horse was from citadel miniatures and had a mutant/beastman as a rider. If you follow the link and scroll to the bottom you'll see them . Nice paint work as well.

  2. Brilliant, thanks Dave! I think I may have that rider somewhere, as well as the other horsey thing and long-knecked rider next to it. I'll try to turf them out once my book shelves are completed this weekend coming.

    Also, thanks for the kind coments about the painting.