Sunday, 12 December 2010

Bretonnian Knights

Alex was very busy over the weekend. He managed to finish off his first box set of Bretonnian Knights and a conversion for his first Bretonnian Lord. First up is a knight he has christened The Black Knight. I like the way he has used bronze instead of steel as the colour of the weaponry and armour to contrast the colour of the heraldry.

Next up is the leader of his Bretonnian army so far. He has a unit of archers already painted up, so this lord now commands 8 knights, 16 archers and The Green Knight. This Bretonnian Lord takes a standard Bretonnian Knight armed with a sword but utilises the closed metal helmet from the King Leoncouer boxset.

Here is the standard command unit for the knights; a gallant, standard bearer and horn blower.

Here are the bulk of the unit, the four knights.

Here are a couple of pictures of the whole unit of knights with their lord accompanying them into battle.

Finally, something a little more down to earth; a mounted Yeoman. After all the chivalry and warhorses, here is how the other half live.


  1. These models look really nice :) I have been growing in my desire to build a Brettonian army but who knows when I'll get to do that!

  2. Hi Adeptgamer,

    These are my son's Bretonnians, and he will be very pleased with your comments. He is only 11 but I think his painting and modelling skills are coming along rather nicely. It won't be long before he is far better than me!

    Little Odo

  3. These are amazing! Makes me want to break my own Bretonnians out of storage!