Sunday, 24 October 2010

Fighters II

Here's a picture of my five latest fighter minis that I painted up today. They had been hanging around on my paint station for several weeks before I finally got round to finishing them.

I am hoping that my painters block is now firmly behind me. I have plenty more on the work bench that are nearly there, so you should be seeing lots of new entries on the blog over the next few weeks.


  1. Nice!

    Did you convert the chap in the front row. center? It looks vagely familiar, like a figure I had once upon a time, but I'm pretty sure it didn't have a spear...

    The girlie on the right I know I had at one point long, long ago as well... wonder what happen to them...? dissapeared in one of the purges over the years I suppose...

    Anyway, nice job on these...

  2. Hi Tim,

    Thanks for the kind comments. The chap in the centre was some kind of Citadel bandit figure that actually had a sword to begin with, but that had snapped off through the ravages of time. I think the spear looks pretty good though as a replacement. I think the female fighter was from Citadel's Fantasy Adventurers range IIRC.

  3. She was FA19 from Citadel's 1981 catalogue: "Female fighter with sword". Probably would have cost you 25p back then.
    OK, it wasn't from memory (other than the price). Check out this site: