Sunday, 5 September 2010

Doggerland is Underway

I have finally got my next foray into play-by-email under way. Doggerland is a fictitious prehistoric northern european strategy battle game. It is based on the antediluvian region that is now beneath the North Sea named by many underwater archaeologists as Doggerland.

I have five players involved in this game, so it should make for a great campaign. Whilst this is running, I will be attempting to build the armies in 15mm and then running the battles on the tabletop using Hordes of the Things rules - one warband in the game, representing one warband on the tabletop.

I am due to go to Colours next weekend, so I will be paying a visit to the 15mm manufacturers' stands to see if I can buy 5 different armies to represent the player territories in the game. I have some Dark Age minis already that I can use to represent the non-player territories. To begin with I'll only need about 30-odd minis per army. I just hope that the ranges I buy from aren't discontinued as the game progresses and I need to add to them!

Painting wise, I achieved a big fat zero this week, but I am still waiting on that spray varnish through the post.

Tabletop gaming wise, I may have a new gaming buddy whom I met at my last outing to KAFS. He is interested in playing WAB and in collecting Romans and Celts, of which I also have a small collection growing. It is always nice to meet new players and play against new opponents who play in different ways to one's existing opponents.

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  1. Ooh! This looks exciting!! Can't wait to read the reports of the action!