Sunday, 19 September 2010

Paints 'n' Stuff

I finally got through the stuff from Warlord Games yesterday morning. As a result I was able to finish off quite a few minis but didn't quite get round to getting the camera out to photograph any. Hopefully, next week, I should have a few minis up on the blog.

I also received the other two small 15mm HotT style armies for Doggerland that I ordered whilst at Colours. So, I now actually have the makings of about 5 armies that need cleaning up, undercoating, painting and basing up. I have bought the armies based on what I thought would look good rather than being historically 'accurate' - this is a fantasy prehistoric land after all! The basic make-up of each army will be: a general's stand (to represent the warlords and their hearthguard), spearmen (to represent warbands), swordsmen (to represent mercenaries) and cavalry (to represent, er, cavalry). Even though they don't exist in the pbm, I will also include magician stands, warband stands, horde stands and a few others depending on how I feel.

I think my painting priorities will be changing over the next few months. I have pretty much given up on the Riders of Rohan - I have nearly finished 24 horses but none of the riders or any warriors or heroes. I will continue to paint these as and when I get gaps in my schedule. I will be finishing the couple of dozen historical and fantasy minis that are currently on my paint station over the next few weeks whilst starting on the Doggerland/HotT 15mm stuff.

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